Everything is Impermanent

This is a phrase I find myself coming back to more and more recently. I don’t remember the context, but my sister said it over the summer and it just stuck with me.

I had a hard year at work last year. I was so thankful for my summer break and ready to relax and recharge for the upcoming school year. Em saying this made me realize how true this is. That school year ended and a new one was on its way. And I find myself still repeating these words when things get tough.

In the last three months, Elliot and I bought a house, we lost one of our dear cats (who sadly still hasn’t shown up), we have spent countless hours cleaning and fixing up this house just so it’s comfortable to live in, we lost electricity suddenly and had to hire an electrician sooner than expected, and finally, our pipes froze for almost a week and we were taking baby wipe showers and relying on some amazing friends for their water supply.

Now, I’m not here to complain and emphasize how crazy my life has been recently. That does no one any good. And I know there are people out there going through much harder situations everyday. Situations I can’t even imagine living though myself.

But I mention these things because I feel like I’ve been tested recently. Elliot and I decided to take the leap and make a big change in our lives. And sometimes when big shifts happen, the world goes a little crazy for a while.

So all I can do is remember these words that my dear sister said:

Everything is impermanent.

Yeah, I guess our mac and cheese colored living room was really starting to get to me, but after lots of planning and a weekend of hard work, it turned into my dream space.

Sure, it sucked that our pipes froze and that week wasn’t easy. But everything got fixed at no charge to us and life went on.

If I’m being honest, yes, I’m still very sad that we can’t find Mylo. But if it’s meant to be, he’ll find his way back to us someday. And if it’s not, I’d like to think that he found a family that needed him a lot more than we did.

Life is always going to challenge us and push us to our limits. But it’s how we respond to these crazy events that make us who we are.

Elliot and I are choosing to make the best of things. And things are getting a little easier each month. I know there will be more surprises and struggles along the way, but I know that they will all pass with time.


2 thoughts on “Everything is Impermanent

  1. Great to see another blogger like me!! Your posts are reallt relatable and genuine. Definitely great to read about the mistakes we make and how to go about them to feel good again❤ and I can’t wait to see what else you write 💛💃🏾

    Liked by 1 person

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